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LDAP login

Set up LDAP login

User accounts in Flokzu can be authenticated whether with your own password, or with your LDAP directory. This way allows users to login to all your software accounts with the same password, so you can manage them in a centralized way.

LDAP settings

To enable LDAP authentication you have to go to Configuration, Advanced and click on LDAP Server Configuration.

On the next page, you have to set up the server LDAP directory data.

The data requested are the following:

LDAP Server Host: LDAP server IP and port
Search User DN: Distinguished name of a LDAP user who has search permissions (required to search for users in the directory)
Password: Search user password
Base Directory DN: A semicolon (";") separated list of LDAP directories where the users are stored
LDAP Login Attribute: LDAP attribute with which users will be logged in (uid, cn, mail or any other). This attribute must be unique on the server.
LDAP Email Attribute: LDAP attribute which has the user email. This email must match with user email in Flokzu.
LDAP Given Name Attribute: LDAP attribute that contains the user first name. (Used to complete user information during automatic account creation)
LDAP Last Name Attribute: LDAP attribute that contains the last name (usually separated from the first name attribute. It can be left empty).

Send invitations to users in LDAP

The creation of user accounts will be done as usual (see How can I invite users to join my account?). When confirming the account, Flokzu will automatically bring the user's data from the LDAP directory, whose email matches the address invited, and then it will redirect to the login page.

Updated on: 06/07/2021

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