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Flokzu introduces a new login feature, allowing users to authenticate using various methods to enhance security and offer more convenience. Prior to this update, users had to access their organization's login page and then authenticate themselves to access their Flokzu organization. Now, all users will authenticate themselves in a single Flokzu portal and then choose the organization they want to access. In this post, we'll explore the login alternatives.

To get started, go to You will see the login screen where you can choose from three different login methods.

1) User and Password
The first login method is through the traditional email and password. Simply enter your registered email address and associated password. Then, choose the organization you want to log in to from the dropdown menu, and you will be directed to the login page for your Flokzu account. If you only have access to one organization you will be sent directly to it.

2) Authenticate via Google or Microsoft
The second login method is authentication via Google (personal or corporate accounts) or Microsoft (only personal accounts). Click on the Google or Microsoft icon, and you will be redirected to their login pages. Enter your credentials, and we will then ask you to choose from the dropdown menu the Flokzu organization you want to log in to. If you only have access to one organization you will be sent directly to it.

3) SSO (Single Sign-On)
The third login method is SSO (Single Sign-On). This is a centralized authentication system that allows users to log in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials. If your organization uses a SSO service, you can log in to Flokzu using your SSO credentials. Contact us for more information!

You're now logged in and ready to start using Flokzu!

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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