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Service Plans - Which plan suits my organization best?

Flokzu service plans are described, including prices, in this web page.


If you wish to subscribe to Flokzu for a certain process (e.g. Hiring Personnel), in which you have identified a low work volume or few people will be involved in the process, perhaps you are interested in our Starter Plan.

This plan, with a cost of $50 (USD) monthly, allows you to launch and complete up to 50 process instances per month. Besides, it allows you to set timers in your tasks and to execute tasks in parallel, among other advantages which, undoubtedly, will be beneficial for your organization.

To request this plan in a fast and simple way, go to “Service Plans” in the left bar. Once you are there, just click the blue button “Update your plan here” located at the right.

You are now ready to set in motion the change you were looking for!

If 50 process instances per month are not sufficient to you at any given time, you can pay for 50 additional instances (for that specific month) for an additional $50. Besides, you can receive integration with external services via Zapier and access to the API for another $25.


If you wish to expand your business and the previous plan turns out to be insufficient, perhaps you would like the Standard Plan. For only $15 per user monthly, this plan grants you access to 100 times more storage capacity than the Starter Plan, technical support in less than 24 working hours, integration with external services and apps via Web Service REST, SOAP and Zapier (more than 1000 apps!), as well as many other advantages that will make you stand out from your competitors.

To update your plan to the Standard Plan, just click on the green button “Update your plan here” located in the “Service Plans” section.

Next, a new window will open in which not only will you be able to select your plan of choice (in this case, the Standard Plan), but also the frequency of payment you want: monthly or annual billing.

Once you have acquired the Standard Plan, your company is ready to take the leap towards excellence and efficiency in your business processes.


Imagine being able to launch unlimited process instances, have unlimited cloud-based storage capacity, technical support in less than 6 working hours and monthly hours of BPM consultancy at the hands of experts with 15+ of experience modelling and setting up your business processes.

Interested? Well, if you subscribe to our Premium Plan, you will have all that and much more, for only $21 per user monthly. You decide where your company will go next with the help of our team, who are willing to watch it grow and help it to reach new horizons.

To subscribe to the Premium Plan, just click the green button “Update your plan here” located in the “Service Plans” section and follow the same steps that are needed to update to the Standard Plan. Once you have acquired it, you are now ready to conquer new terrains you never thought were possible.

Any doubt? Please reach us at or schedule a call here.

Updated on: 09/01/2019

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