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Tutorial Videos – Setting up your processes.

These tutorial videos are designed to let you configure your own processes and workflows in minutes. First of all, you need to model (using standard BPMN). Then you have one-click deploy (to run and test your processes). Probably you also need to measure how your processes are running (using KPI’s). You will finally optimize your business processes in a continuous improvement cycle according to the BPM discipline.

How does Flokzu work?

Through an invoice approval process example, you will find how Flokzu works and what kind of workflows you can automate in just minutes.

Creating your first process

Create and model a collaborative process from scratch using Flokzu. Example: Vacation Request Process.

Importing & setting up Process Templates

Flokzu includes Process Templates, easy to customize and ready to be used. This video shows how to import and set a Process Template.

Sending Emails & Notifications

Flokzu lets you create Email Notifications during any stage of your workflow. You can event set Process Initiator as a Recipient and add form fields into the message body.

Sending emails to third parties (outside your team)

You can send emails to third parties, even if they don't have a Flokzu account. Create an email form field and set it as the recipient in an Email Task. You can also insert other form fields into the message. The video shows how to set it up using a Purchase Request Process as an example.

Divide the flow based on field values

In Flokzu you can divide a workflow using one or more conditions. In this case, we defined the flow based on the value of different fields. In the Employee Recruitment process, If the years of experience of the candidate were less than 3 or his wage aspiration more than 100,000, the candidate would be rejected.

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Updated on: 11/01/2019

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