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Not only can you link a father process to a son process, that is, to link a new process to an existing process, but you can also update the existing process when something on the new process happens.

This is particularly useful when two processes run in parallel and they need to share information between them in order to be completed.

In this example, we will link two processes: Recruitment and Hiring and Induction. If the Induction process is not completed, then the Recruitment and Hiring process will end with the candidate not being selected.

To follow this logic and allow the new process (Induction) to update the existing process (Recruitment and Hiring), you need to follow these steps:

Create the existing (father) process.

Create the new (son) process.

Make sure to add all the fields that you will need in the new process to obtain the information from the existing process.

It is particularly important to add to the new process a field to get the instance ID of the existing process.

Add a Service Call task to your workflow to launch the new process.

Set up the Service Call task using the New Process Instance web service. If you want to know how to launch this web service, check this post.

Don’t forget to send the Identifier of the existing process to a field in the new process.

In the new process, you should add a Service Call task to your workflow in order to update the existing process instance.

You should set up the Update Process Instance web service in the following way:


Method: PUT.

ApiKey: The Api Key of your account.

instanceID: You should replace this for the actual field where the Identifier of the existing process was saved, enclosed by {{ y }}. In this example, we replaced instanceID for “{{Recruitment and Hiring ID}}”.


Parameter name: Here you should add the names of all the fields from the existing (father) process that you want to update.

Value: Here you should add the values from the new process that you want to update in the existing process.


Content-Type: application/json

X-Api-Key: your account’s Api Key.

X-Username: a valid email address from your account.

Tip: You can select as Read-only the field that saves the Identifier from the father process. In this way, no one will be able to change it, and cause the father instance to not being updated.
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