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Notifications with Slack (BETA)

Flokzu allows you to integrate with Slack and send notifications directly to your organization's channels. This integration gives your team the ability to receive instant alerts, key updates and important messages in the corresponding channel, facilitating transparent and efficient communication at every step of the process.

Below are the steps to enable this functionality and optimize the management of your processes:

Actions you will need to perform on a one-time basis

In Slack

Connect your Flokzu account to your Slack workspace. You can do this by clicking on the following button

If you are not logged in yet, Slack will ask you to log in and select your workspace.

To continue, you will need to confirm the access requested by Slack.

Once the accesses have been confirmed, you will be shown a screen with two security tokens: Bot Token and User Token.
Bot Token:* Copy this Token if you want messages to be sent using Flokzu Bot as sender.
User Token: Copy this Token if you want your personal account to be used as the sender of messages sent by Flokzu.

The sender of the message must be a member of the channel where the message will be published, whether it is your personal user or the Bot.
To add the bot go to your channel settings, in the Integrations tab select Add an App and there you will find the Flokzu Slack app.

In Flokzu

In Flokzu we will use the token to create an Authentication which we will then use to configure the sending of the message.

You can create as many authentications as you need, for example to send notifications to different slack workspaces.

Open your Flokzu account as Administrator.
Go to SettingsAdvancedManage Web Service REST Authentications.

You can read more about Authentications in this post.

Create a New Authentication and choose the Bearer Token Authentication option and copy the token chosen in step 4. Then save the configuration.

Flokzu is now ready to send messages to your slack account.

Add Slack notifications in the workflow

To send a notification to a channel in your workspace simply drag a Message Task into the workflow and select the Slack option.
Enter the name of the channel you want to send the notification to and type your message.

Remember that you can use the moustaches to insert the content of your form fields. In the body of the message type { to display the list of fields.

Finally in the tab Authentications choose the one you created in point 8 to indicate to Flokzu the workspace with which it should be integrated.

Do not forget to save the changes and Publish your process.

Formatting your messages

Slack supports markup language that you can send from Flokzu to format your messages

Pro Tip - Send messages to a specific user

Instead of sending the message to a Slack channel you can configure the Message Task to be sent to a specific user, to do this in the Channel to send message parameter you must enter the ID of the user who will receive the message.
In Slack you can get the ID from the user's profile.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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