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User Management Web Services Interface


The Flokzu Public API contains a set of operations that are useful for managing users accounts. Through the invocation of webservices you can create or delete profiles as well as manage their roles.
This allows administration from external systems, being particularly useful for those organizations that must update user profiles in several systems at the same time.

Available operations

Send invitation to a new user
Delete user account
Add role to an existing user
Remove user role
Get user roles

You can find the services documentation at

API Key for User Management

Flokzu handles the services that allow access to the data of the instances and databases differently from the User Management services, and each of them has an independent security token (API-Key).
In this way, administrators can generate and share an API-Key for Users that will not allow access to process data.

To configure it go to the post What is an 'API key'? How to generate it?

Inviting users as part of a Flokzu process

Suppose your organization has an Onboarding process in Flokzu during which the user invitation must be sent to the new member.
This is possible by configuring the user API services in a Service Task

Create a new process or edit an existing one

Add a field Email in the process form where the email of the new user will be included.

Drag and drop the Service Task integration on the workflow and select REST services

Configure REST service as follows

Method: POST
Parameter name: email , Value: choose the field Email

Request headers
X-Api-Key - API-Key for User Management
X-Username - Your email
Content-Type - application/json

Save changes and publish process

Every time an instance goes through the service task, an invitation will automatically be sent to the address in field "Email".

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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