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Call Web Services from the process workflow

In Flokzu you have the possibility to call Web Services (SOAP and REST) to carry out different operations such as enter data into a form, send information to an external server or even assigning a task.

How can I call a Web Service from the process workflow?

The first thing you should do is to place a Service Task at any stage of your workflow where you want to make a service call to a Web Service.

Then you must select the type of Web Service you wish to invoke (SOAP or REST).

Lastly, you must set up the Web Service you want to call. The steps to set up a Web Service are as follows:

Enter the URL of the Web Service you want to call.

If you need to make reference to form fields in the URL of the webservice, it must be done using mustaches {{Field Name}}.

Enter the Input data (which will be sent to the Web Service).

Enter the Output data (which is retrieved from the Web Service and can be entered into Flokzu fom fields).

In the case of REST service responses, it must be a valid JSON, you can validate the JSON on the following website

Enter the Headers (optional), for safety reasons, for example.

Finally, you can select the authentication used by your service on the Authentications tab

Other options to call Web Services

To charge options of a combo box or multiselect combo box or even combo boxes inside a table field.
To set up a trigger, in such a way that when the value is modified, information can be retrieved and used to charge other form fields.
To assign a task.

Examples of typical Web Services

To send information from a Flokzu form towards an external server.
To receive information from an external server and enter it on a Flokzu form.
To add new records on a Flokzu internal database (add record).
To get records from a Flokzu internal database (get record).
To list records from a Flokzu internal database (list record).
To update records from a Flokzu internal database (update record).
To start a new process in Flokzu when a Service Task is reached at any stage of a process workflow.
To get information from a process instance.
To update information from a process instance.

What if I want to integrate with an app that doesn't support Web Services?

If you want to integrate with other apps, and these doesn't support Web Services, you can do it as well. Simply place a Service Task in the workflow, then select 'Zapier' and follow the steps to integrate Flokzu and Zapier. Once the integration is set up, you'll be able to connect Flokzu with more than 1,000 apps (Facebook, Google Drive, Gmail, SalesForce, etc).

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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