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Integrating Zapier to connect your process with other web apps

What is ‘Zapier’?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to link web applications (such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Gmail and Flokzu) in a simple way, so as to exchange information between them automatically.

You can link apps (known as creating a ‘Zap’) by selecting one of them as the ‘trigger’ (the one that provides the information), and another app as the ‘action’ (the one that performs some action with the information received).

The actions that you’ll be able to perform on another app will depend directly on the app you want to integrate with. Each app on Zapier determines its own set of actions.

How does the Flokzu-Zapier integration work?

The Flokzu-Zapier integration works at the process level.

There are two ways of integrating Flokzu into Zapier:

1. Using Flokzu as the trigger app: this will create an action on another app at any stage of your Flokzu process. Imagine receiving an SMS notification through the Twilio app each time a delivery is approved in Flokzu.
2. Using Flokzu as the action app: create a new process instance in Flokzu each time that something happens on another app. Imagine to start automatically a Flokzu process each time you receive a specific Gmail notification.

In both cases, you’ll need to generate an API Key in Flokzu (for one time only), so you can link your account to Zapier. The API Key is a security mechanism that allows you to perform this integration.

To link your account to Zapier, simply follow the following steps:

1. Log in to Flokzu
2. Visit ‘Configuration’ > ‘Advanced’ and then click on the button next to the API Key field, as show below.

3. Copy the API Key
4. Save the configuration to activate the API Key

Keep in mind that you won't be able to access the API during your trial of Flokzu. Once you subscribe to any of our Service Plans, you'll be able to do it.

Whether you use Flokzu as the trigger or action app, you must link it to Zapier (one time only). You can do this by visiting the ‘Connected Accounts’ section on Zapier and setting up the connection or directly by creating a new Zap with Flokzu.

In both cases, a pop-up will appear in which you need to enter your Flokzu Username (email address) and the active API Key.

Once these data are introduced, you are ready to integrate Flokzu with more than 1,000 apps!

The integration of business processes through Zapier with other online services has many advantages, some of which are:

Better data quality, since the manual input of data (overwrite, copy or paste) between internal processes and cloud apps is avoided.
Time reduction, since of having someone enter the data, the systems automatically exchanges information.
Independence and isolation. If you need to change one of the cloud services, you can simply update the Zap (on Zapier) and everything will keep on working.
Swiftness to refine the process. If what you need to change is the process, Flokzu allows you to do this very fast, relocating the service call to Zapier.
Knowledge management, by allowing your processes to move relevant information into shared repositories, be it data or attachments.

How can I use Flokzu as the Trigger app?

By using Flokzu as the Zap’s trigger, you can send all the information stored on a process instance at any stage of the workflow to another app. In Zapier you can choose ‘All Fields’ , ‘All Comments’ and ‘All Files (.zip)’, in addition to selecting each field separately, so that it is easier to send only the desired information.

To use Flokzu as the trigger, first you must include an integration element at the stage of your workflow where you want to send the information.

In Flokzu:

1. Open your process
2. Go to the ‘Process Workflow’ tab.
3. Place a ‘Service Task’ on the diagram.
4. On the pop-up, select Zapier.
5. Click ‘Accept’.
6. Connect the call to Zapier to the rest of the stages of your workflow.
7. Deploy the process.

Then on Zapier:

1. Create a new Zap.
2. Choose Flokzu as the Trigger app.
3. Select ‘Zapier Service Task Invocation”.
4. Click ‘Save + Continue’.
5. Connect your account (or click on ‘Continue’ if you have already connected it).
6. Choose the process where you have placed the call to Zapier.
7. Click ‘Continue’.
8. Click ‘Fetch and Continue’ to see an example.
9. Set up the Action app.

How can I use Flokzu as the Action app?

1. Set up the Trigger app.
2. Choose Flokzu as the Action app.
3. Select ‘Create Document’ as action.
4. Click ‘Save + Continue’.
5. Connect your account (or click on ‘Continue’ if you have already connected it).
6. Choose the process that you want to launch.

7. Link the received information through the Trigger app with the fields of the process instance.
8. Test the action.

Model your processes to fit your needs and set up the integration of Flokzu as a Trigger or Action app with all the apps that you want.

This feature is available only in certain Service Plans. Keep in mind that any additional fees derived from the use of Zapier runs on the client's behalf.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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