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What is a 'User Task'?

In User Tasks, an assigned user must complete a certain task (approve, review, reject, etc.). To edit a User Task, drag and drop the icon to the diagram and double click on it.

The tabs of a User task are the following:

Assignees: In this tab you must define which user/role must complete this task. Also, you may opt for dynamic assignation (See post).

Decisions: Here is where you setup the buttons that the user assigned to complete the task will view.

In case that the task requires to complete a certain field, then the user will have to log in to Flokzu in order to complete the task. Fields can’t be completed via email.

Due Date: Allows you to define a Due Date to complete a certain task. You can define the Due Date by years, months, days, hours or minutes. It will be calculated since the moment the task is assigned. By default, all the days of the week are taken into account. But if you define a Due Date by days, you’ll be able to define which are days you want to count.

Once that you have defined a Due Date, the users will view in their Inbox exactly how much time they have left to complete the task. If the time left is greater than 24 hs, a green tag will appear. If it’s less than 24 hs, a yellow tag will appear. If the Due Date has been reached, a red tag will appear.

Options: In this tab you’ll be able to choose the additional settings for the task. The additional settings available are the following:

-The checkbox Automatically notify assignees via email is unselected by default, but once you click on it on a certain task, each time someone is assigned to that task they will receive the assignation notification to their email address.

-The checkbox Confirmation required will make a confirmation window appear when the assignee presses the decision button to complete the task.

-The checkbox This task can be completed via email, means that the assignees will receive a notification to their email address showing the fields and the decisions to complete the task.

-The checkbox This task allows interaction with users external to Flokzu, will allow you to interact with external participants in the task.

Permissions: This tab gives access to the configuration of 3 kinds of permissions (General, Attachments and Comments).

Reassign Task: Here you’ll find the permission to enable the reassignation of the task for all the users assigned to it. To reassign it effectively, the user must enter the process instance and click on the person icon on top. This will open a pop-up to perform the reassignation.

Hide print button: If you click on this checkbox, you’ll disable the print button for this task only.
Attachments: In this list you’ll be able to select whether or not you want to enable these options: ‘Display attachments’, ‘Add attachments’, ‘Delete attachments’ for the particular task.

Comments: In this list, you’ll be able to select whether or not you want to enable these options: ‘Display comments’ and ‘Add comments’ for the particular task.

External interactions: In this section, you can enable the visualization of interactions made by external participants for all the assignees of the task.

Then you’ll find the three lines icon where you’ll see the following options:

Readers: Allows you to define users or roles that will have reading permission for this specific task.

Documentation: If you add documentation to the user task, an ‘info’ button will be enabled in the execution of this process, specifically for this task, so the users can refer to the documentation that was entered (See gif image). See: Documentation in a User Task

Updated on: 24/10/2018

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