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What is a 'Send Task'?

Send Tasks are those tasks that allow you to send emails to whomever you wish to in a completely automated way. To set up Send Tasks in the workflow, you only need to drag the event with an email icon and drop it in any part of the workflow.

Once you have done this, you must select the Name, Recipient(s), Subject and Body of the message.

Name: The name should be easily recognizable by those that handle the modelling of your processes. Example: ‘Send notification to client’.

Recipient(s): Here you should include the recipients of your Send Task. The recipients may be: System roles, User roles, particular users or form fields.

Subject: In the Subject you should include all the information that will appear in the heading of the Send Task.

Body of the message: In the body of the message, you should include detailed information of the message that you want to send.

Can I insert form fields in a Send Task?

The drop-down list will display all the form fields. You need only to press ‘ { ’ and start writing the field that you want to insert to be able to see it in the drop-down list.

Can I insert form fields in the subject of the Send Task?

Yes. Form fields can also be inserted in the subject of the messages that you want to send through Flokzu. However, keep in mind that there will be no drop-down list. To insert a form field in the subject you only need to write the name of the field enclosed by two pairs of asterisks. Example: ‘{{- Identifier -}}’, which will bring the process instance Identifier No.

Print Templates in Send Tasks

Another very useful functionality is the possibility to insert in your Send Tasks the Print Template that you have selected for your process as an attachment in pdf format. In this way, the information you have entered in your form will be sent automatically using the format you have previously chosen in your template. To do this, you need only to press ' { ' and then select ‘Print Template’ in the drop-down list.

Bear in mind that Print Templates are only available for users that have subscribed to our Premium Plan.

Inserting HTML code in the body of the message

In Flokzu there is also the possibility to insert HTML code in the body of the message you want to send. Simply write the HTML code in the corresponding box and start personalizing your automatic notifications.

Usefulness of Send Tasks

Send Tasks have many uses, some of which are listed below:

To notify a client that his/her Request for Quotation has been entered into the system and he/she will receive the quotation in a short term.
To communicate a candidate who wants to work on your organization that his/her CV has been received and, in the case that he/she is selected, you will contact him/her to appoint an interview.
To send a report to your Manager containing all the relevant information of a process instance so that he/she approves it or rejects it.
To communicate a client that his/her inquiry or suggestion has been received by the Customer Support department and that you will contact him/her in due time.

Updated on: 09/01/2019

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