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Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions

This feature allows users to quickly complete several tasks to which he is assigned.

Only those tasks that are enabled to be completed in bulk mode can be completed in this way.

Define that the task can be completed in bulk mode

In the user task go to the Permissions section and open the option Bulk actions
Click on the checkbox This task can be completed in bulk mode

How do you access the Bulk actions mode?

You can access both from the Inbox and from the result of a search, simple or advanced, by clicking on the 3 points at the top right.

Clicking on it will open a pop-up where only those tasks that were enabled to be completed in this way will be shown, each task will be shown with its decisions so that they can be completed from that view without having to enter them.
When the task is successfully completed you will see a tick.
In case there are no tasks to be completed in bulk mode it will be informed.

Only those tasks corresponding to the current page will appear in the pop-up.

If there are empty fields that are required in the task, the task cannot be completed and the reason will be informed.

IMPORTANT: The process instances will not be updated to the latest version, the script validations will not work and will not request confirmation.

Updated on: 20/01/2021

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