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General buttons for actions in a process instance

What do the buttons in the upper right corner of a process instance mean?

There are buttons that will appear there each time that a new process instance is generated, but there are others that will depend on the permissions enabled for each particular task.

Buttons available for all users:

The star allows you to highlight a process instance. When a process instance is highlighted, it will appear in your Starred tray.

The diskette allows you to save the modifications made to a process instance without having to complete the task.

The cross allows you to close the process instance and return to the Inbox.

The clock icon allows you to access the history of the process instance (audit trail).

Buttons that depend on permissions:

Reassign: The reassign button is always visible for users who have Administrator role and can be enabled for certain tasks.

To enable the reassignment of a task you'll have to do it from the User Task configuration when you create or edit a process, Select the user task in which you want to allow its reassignment, navigate to the Permissions tab > General > Reassign Task.

Once the permission is enabled, all users assigned to that task will be able to reassign it.

Print button: the print button is visible on all tasks but can be disabled for specific tasks.

To disable the print button you must do it from the User Task settings when creating or editing a process, Select the user task, click on the Permissions tab > General > Hide print button.

Documentation button: the info button to access the documentation will only be enabled in case that the User Task contains some documentation.

Finished process instances will also have a button to clone this process instance.

Updated on: 21/11/2018

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