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Google Calendar- Flokzu integration (Zapier)

Google Calendar >> Flokzu

We know that you have internal processes that many times must be initiated on a specific date. Therefore, having it scheduled would be a great help and convenience. Through Zapier, it is possible to link Flokzu with Google Calendar. With this link you can schedule the start of certain processes on specific dates. The operation would be as follows: you create an event on a specific day, when that day arrives Zapier will start a process in Flokzu. If there is no event on a day, it will not start the process.
It is possible to send event information to fields of the Flokzu form so that it already starts with certain information previously loaded.

Steps to follow:

In Flokzu

Before starting to make the link between Flokzu and Google Calendar it is necessary to have the processes that you want to link already modeled and deployed.

In Google Calendar:

For convenience and organization we recommend to create as many calendars as processes you want to link.

Zapier's free account allows up to 5 links.

In Zapier:

Create the account
Accept Flokzu's invitation Accept Flokzu's invitation here! Accept the invitation here!
Create a new ZAP.

Search and select Google Calendar and name the ZAP

Select Event Start as trigger

Add a calendar account. A pop-up will open in order to link, you must select an account and give Zapier permission.

You will have to select the calendar to link with Zapier.

In Time Before set 0.

Click on Test & Continue

Select Flokzu as Action app.

In case Flokzu does not appear, remember that you must have previously accepted the invitation.

The only action available in Flokzu is Create Document (start a process instance).

Set up Flokzu's account.

Select process and customize the document and click Continue

Test & Continue

Test Successful! and turn on the Zap to get it up and running.

Updated on: 19/12/2019

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