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Google Docs integration with Zapier: create document from template

If you have a template previously created in Google Docs, you can use Zapier to create a document from it and fill it with data from the desired instance of your process in Flokzu. This way, every time the flow of your instance goes through the service task that calls Zapier, a document will be created in Google Docs with the information of the instance and the format of the chosen template. This feature eliminates the need to be familiar with HTML. If on the other hand you wish to create a print template and use HTML, you can know more about it here .
Let's say you have the following process and you want to export the data of each instance to a document in Google Docs.

Purchase Process

First of all, you must create your template in Google Docs, give it the format you want and make sure that the fields you want to fill with information from Flokzu are in moustache format: {{}}.

Google Docs Template

The next step is to place the Zapier Service task in the part of your flow that contains the information you want to save in Google Docs.

Zapier Service Task

Later you must go to your Zapier account and create a new Zap, in which you must select Flokzu as the Trigger of the operation. The Trigger Event will be “Zapier Service Task Invocation”. If you haven't created any Zap with Flokzu yet, you will be asked to authenticate.

Zapier Service Task invocation in Flokzu

Next, you must select Google in the "Choose app & event" drop-down list. In Action Event you must select "Create Document from Template". If you haven't used your Google account on Zapier yet, you will be asked for authentication.

Create Document from Template in Google Docs

The next step will be to access “Template Document” and select the desired template from the list of templates available in your Google account. Then you must access "New Document Name" and select the instance whose data you want to copy in Google Docs. "Folder for New Document" will allow you to select in which Google Docs folder you want to save the new document created. “Sharing Preferences” will allow you to determine who will have access to the document. And finally "Unused Fields Preference" will give you the option of what to do with those fields that remain empty.

Select a Template

You must select which Fields of your template will be filled with which fields of the instance of your process in Flokzu. Those fields that are not in moustache format in your template - {{}} will not appear as an option to receive data from Flokzu.

Map Fields

If you wish, you can carry out a test to check that everything is working correctly. And to finish, turn on your Zap and voila, you can now save the data contained in your instances in documents with Google Docs format without having any knowledge of HTML.

Test Zap and turn it on

Once you run your process, Zapier will create a document in your Google Docs account, containing the information of your process instance.

Final Document

In Google Docs you can export de document to PDF if you wish to.

We recommend that you don’t send a Flokzu table, since you will end up with something that looks like this:


Updated on: 28/09/2021

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