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Issues Monitor

The issues monitor will include all errors related to processes and process instances.

Who has access?

Users with Administrator or Business Analyst roles have access to the monitor. These users will have a new item in the menu, under My Processes.

Possible Filters

Process: All process errors will be shown but you can define a filter if you only want to see the errors of a particular process.
Environment: Main and Sandbox. You will be able to select one of the two or show the errors of both.

What kind of errors will be included?

Failure in a service call.
Output flow not found when starting or completing an instance.
Failure in the execution of a web service call by field trigger.
Failure to execute a database trigger.

Error information:

For each error, it will show the date and time when occurred, the process it corresponds to and a detail of the error.
The errors that belong to the Sandbox environment have the icon of this functionality as identifier to the left of the date.
Clicking on the error message will open a pop-up containing the full detail.

Errors will be saved for a period of one month.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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