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Notifications & Message Center

Message Center

All users will have access to their own Message Center. There you will find two sections: the In-App messages addressed to them and the comments in process instances in which they participate.
Touching the bell icon will access a preview of the last comments or In-App messages received.

In-App messages

In-App messages are set up using a Send Task from the workflow, if you receive one it will appear in the message center. For each message it is identified to whom the message was sent, to recognize whether the recipient is your user or a role. It also indicates which messages have already been opened and which have not, the date and time of sending.

Where to set up In-App messages

Click "Change Message Type" in the Send Flow Task.


Each time a user posts a comment on a process instance, it will display the name of the person who commented, a link to the process instance on which they commented, the comment and the date and time. The following users will be notified of the comments
Current actors of the task on which the comment was published
Readers of the process instance who have previously starred it.

Updated on: 24/04/2020

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