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Powerful Reporting

With Flokzu, you can obtain different types of reports, from historical to real-time and customized.

Historical Reports:

These reports provide information about completed tasks. Simply go to the "Metrics and Reports" section and select "Historical."

Learn more about historical reports here.

Real-time Reports:

In contrast to historical data, real-time reports offer information about active process instances. Go to "Metrics and Reports" and click "Real-time."

This functionality is crucial for understanding the current stage of your processes, such as pending tasks, assignees, and elapsed time.

Learn more about real-time reports here.

Custom Reports:

These are ideal for visualizing specific business process information. Head to the "Metrics and Reports" section, and create the report you need. Apply filters and customize the layout.

Learn more about custom reports here.

Power Connector:

If the variety of previously mentioned reports is not enough, and you need a more robust solution, we introduce Power Connector. This exclusive connector allows you to integrate Flokzu with your Business Intelligence tool by connecting to ElasticSearch. Thus, you can generate more comprehensive and powerful reports, leveraging Flokzu data in your preferred BI platform.

If you believe this option is ideal for your organization or want more information about our connector, schedule a meeting with our technical team here.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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