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Historical reports (BI - Business Intelligence)

Historical reports give information about tasks that have already been completed. To access them, simply click on Metrics & Reports > Historical data or click on the Completed item in pie chart on the Information about tasks section of the Dashboard.

Navigating through Historical reports

Historical reports show sensitive information about the performance of your organization and/or users. Some of the quesions that you can answer by looking at these reports are:

Which are the processes that take longer to be completed?
Which user completes more tasks?
Who works faster?
How has the operation of your organization changed between two preset periods?

By default, the period of time from which you will obtain the information is of 10 days, but you can modify it by clicking on the dates that appear at the top-right corner of the page.

Filter reports by date and user

You also have the possibility to filter the historical reports by user, once a time period has been set. In this way, you can discriminate how many processes were initiated by each user, how many tasks did each user complete and what was the average time it took them to complete their tasks.

Example: you want to know how did each user perform in the last 30 days, to know what actions you need to take.

Updated on: 04/02/2020

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