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Full report of a single process instance

The Metrics & Reports section provides an overview of processes and tasks in your organization. But sometimes it is useful to know what excatly happened with a single process instance.

To achieve that, Administrator users can download the full report, accessible from the process instance itself.

Keep in mind that only users that have the Administrator role will be able to download the Full Report of a process instance.

To do so, open the instance that interests you and follow these steps:

This will automatically download an Excel file with historical and current information of that instance, including:

Process instance ID
Date when the report was downloaded
Process initiation date and email of the initiator
Process end date (if completed)
Current task of the instance, assigned users/roles, date when the task was assigned, expected end date and days of delay (if a due date has been set)
Previous tasks of that process instance, users who completed them, decisions they made, dates of assignment, dates in which the tasks were completed, days of delay (if a due date has been set)
Current values of the instance fields

It's also possible to download a zip file that in addition to the Excel report includes the process instance (PDF format), attachments and comments. To generate it you must select this checkbox:

Updated on: 16/04/2020

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