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Metrics & Real time reports

Real Time Metrics

By clicking on the 'Metrics & Reports' section in the sidebar, you can choose between two kinds of reports: Real time or Historical. In this article we will discuss Real time reports. These give you information over the process instances (documents) that are ongoing at this exact moment. To view the report, click on 'View Tasks'. The view will be similar to this:

Bear in mind that only deployed processes will appear in this section.

Warning: Only the users that have the Administrator or Business Analyst role will be able to view the metrics by Process, User and Role. The rest of the users will only be able to view the metrics by Process only if they have been granted permission.

Navigating through Real time reports

Explore the information of all your processes by clicking on the data that you want to analyze. You can navigate through different levels. For example, for each particular process you can see what tasks are pending, to whom and how long ago they were assigned. This can help you identify stages that set back your process, analyze where the bottlenecks are and create new strategies to improve efficiency.


You can choose to display the report by process, user or role. Each option will generate a different view of the data. To learn more about the meaning of the labels, you can select the question mark and a brief description is displayed.

Reports filtered by user or role

In the 'Metrics & Reports' section, you can filter the information of all your active processes by user or role. Simply click on the 'By User' or 'By Role' tabs respectively.

Reports filtered by due date

You can also apply filters to see tasks that are overdue or that will reach their due date in less than 24 hours. To do this, follow these steps:

You can apply this filter in the Process, User or Role view.

Updated on: 14/04/2020

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