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Process instance history (audit trail)

In Flokzu you have the possibility to view at anytime the process instance history (only if you have access to it either as a reader or assignee).

The history also works as an Audit Trail, showing what happened to the process instance, when and by whom.

How can I view the process instance history?

To see the process instance history, simply open the instance and click on the clock icon found at the upper-right corner.

Every action that takes place in a process will be shown in descending order (newest action will appear first).

The following information will be shown:

Who started the process, when, and what was the decision made.
Who completed each task, when, and what was the decision made.
Which were the Send Tasks sent and when.
Notification of whether or not the process instance was automatically udpated to the newest version.
Executions of Service Call Tasks.

Please note that users with the Administrator role will view all process instances (as well as their history) by default.

How to download the history?

You can download the history by clicking the text that's at the bottom of the history. Just click "Excel" or "PDF" and it will be downloaded in the selected format.

Updated on: 22/07/2019

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