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Script development using AI assistant

Scripting with ChatGPT

Flokzu has an integration with ChatGPT, a Generative Artificial Intelligence model trained to understand naturally scripted conversations and answer questions about a wide variety of topics. In Flokzu, ChatGPT will be your assistant that will help you save time in some complex tasks.

Go to the Visibility settings and Scripts section on the right side of your screen. Then go to the Scripts tab
Select the User Task where you want to place the script and click the button.

In the popup window type a description of the behavior you want to obtain and press the ▶️ button to have the AI generate the script.
Flokzu will return a generated script with a brief explanation of each step.

To confirm the script press the Accept button. The script will be copied into the configuration window without the descriptive text.

You can modify or correct the script from the configuration window.

Despite AI assistance, we always recommend a human review of the generated code. Developers can make necessary adjustments to ensure proper functioning.

Artificial intelligence, while powerful, is not infallible so AI-generated code may not be perfect in all situations. Here are some reasons why JavaScript code may not work as expected:

Context Complexity: The AI relies on existing patterns and data to generate code. If the context or request is too complex or unique, the AI may not fully understand the target, which could lead to errors.
Training Data Dependency: AI is trained on a wide range of data, but cannot always anticipate all possible situations. If a case is unusual or not found in the training data, the generated code may not be optimal.
Input data errors: If the AI is provided with inaccurate input data, such as missing or misspelled field names, it may generate code that conflicts with the Flokzu library.

It is important to understand that, although this feature streamlines the development process, it does not replace the experience and knowledge of a developer. We recommend that technical users review and test the generated code to ensure that it meets their needs.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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