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Add record to a database through Web Service

In Flokzu you can obtain all the documentation available for review at any moment, either through the Metrics & Reports section, the Historical data of the process instance, simple and advanced searches, etc.
However, in some cases, it could be useful to store some relevant information (or information that you are going to use constantly) in an internal database.

To add data from a form into an internal Flokzu database you must follow the following steps:

Create a DB with the corresponding columns, depending on the kind of information that you want to add to the database.

Add to the form the fields that will contain the information you want to send to the DB.

Add a Service Call Task to the workflow design. Keep in mind that you must place it in the stage of the process where you want the information to be sent.

Settings of the Service Call Task:

URL: PUT method, where:

-dbase: Change ‘dbase’ for the name of your DB (exact name, paying attention to uppercase and lowercase letters, plus spaces).
-ApiKey: Change ‘ApiKey’ for the ApiKey of the account (To generate it you must follow the steps that are shown on this post).


-Parameter name: Name of the DB columns (exact names, paying attention to uppercase and lowercase letters, plus spaces).
-Value: form fields from which you want to send the information to the columns.

Output: empty

HTTP Headers: Parameter name > Value

-Content-Type > application/json
-X-Api-Key > ‘Api Key of the account’
-X-Username > ‘valid email address of the account’

Updated on: 30/11/2018

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