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How to add records to a database

How to add records to a database

In Flokzu there are several ways to add records to an internal database. We list each one below.

Adding records manually

First, you have the possibility to add data from a file manually, adding records to an internal database one after the other. This is useful when the number of records that you will add to the database is small or won't suffer variations for a long time, e.g. A database with the contact data of all the Providers of an organisation.

To do this, you must first create a new database.

Then you must set up the database columns.

Finally, click on 'Add Record' and type in the corresponding columns.

Add records automatically

You also have the possibility to add records automatically using Service Tasks or calling services from Flokzu's API.

This option is really useful when you have, for instance, a Client Onboarding or Suppliers process and, once that the process is approved, their data would be added automatically from the form to the database.

You may add a record in one of your databases using a service task on the workflow. We explain how to do that in Add record to a database through Web Service post.

Import database on .csv format

Lastly, you can import multiple records from an external database to Flokzu manually by using .csv format.

To do this, you must navigate to the database to which you want to import the data and then click on the import button.

A pop-up will appear in which you'll be able to import the file and select the separator of your csv file values.

Important: To be able to import the file on .csv format, the headers of the Excel columns (or first row values of the .csv file), must have the exact same name than the Flozku database columns. If you don't do this, the database will not be imported.

Once you have imported the database, you can choose whether to overwrite the data already entered in your Flokzu database or to add the data to the previously existing one.

The .csv document to be imported must be less than 10Mb.

Possible issue

In case that when importing the document some letters are replaced by special characters you can check this post to solve it.

Updated on: 02/06/2021

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