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Can I assign tags / labels automatically?

Yes, you can assign a tag ( label ) automatically. In order to do this, you must use the 'Echo' Web Service, which allows you to copy and paste any sort of information from a process form.

Example: Imagine that, once that a Purchase Order is submitted by a client, you want that the client's full name be automatically assigned to the process instance. By doing so, you'll be able to filter instances per client's name.

Steps to assign tags automatically:

Place a Service Task at the stage you want the tag to be assigned automatically. Example: After a Purchase Order is submitted.

Enter the following URL: Method: POST

Input: Here you'll need to enter the Parameter name and the Value that you want to assign it. Example: You enter 'paramA' as Parameter name and the 'Full name' field as Value.

Output: Here you'll need to enter the information you want the 'Echo' Web Service to return. You'll need to enter the parameter previously defined on Input as Parameter name and the '-Tags-' field as Value.

Request Headers: Enter 'Content-Type' as Parameter name and 'application/json' as Value.

By completing these simple steps, after the initial form is submitted, the client's 'Full name' tag will be assigned automatically as shown in the image below.

Updated on: 20/01/2021

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