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All Flokzu's public forms have a draft. This feature is very useful for those forms in which the information with which they must be completed is not available when we are starting them up. A common case for this is the Expense Reimbursement process, used as an example here.

Draft feature is only available for Premium and Pro plans.

How does it work?

When you enable the public form for your process it will automatically enable the draft for them. Once inside the public form, you will have the option to "Complete and Submit" or "Complete and Save Draft".

If you decide to save it in a draft, we request an email to send the information so that you can continue working on it.

You will receive an email with a subject: [Flokzu] Information to resume the current Form, which will provide you with a URL and a code that will be requested to continue working on the form with the information previously entered.

To continue working on it, simply click on the URL provided, write your code and you will be ready to continue working on the form.
You can update the form as many times as you like, modify the information already entered and upload new information.

Attachments will not be saved, they must be sent in the final version.

The form will be available for 60 days, on the 61st it will be deleted and you will have to upload a new one. These 60 days will be updated every time you modify it and save again.

Disable Draft.

You can disable the Draft feature in the Public Form section of the Process Settings. There, you will find a button Allow to save the form as a draft.

By disabling this feature, the Save as Draft button will not appear on your form, however drafts that have been previously saved, could be retrieved normally.

Updated on: 12/06/2022

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