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Public Form: allowing external participants to initiate processes

A public form is a type of form that any person can view and complete, even those who are not active users of your organization, that is, users who do not have a Flokzu account.

This feature is very useful for example to start a "Sales" process from your website (without authentication), to receive "Complains and Suggestions" or to allow candidates to "Apply for a Job".

After creating a process, you may establish it as a public form if you wish to, so that any person with the link to your form can launch your process.

To set up a public form, go to “Process Settings” as shown in the image below.

Once there, click on the tick box below to allow that people from outside your organization can launch your process.

Next, the public form will generate a public URL (See image below) that you can share with all the users you wish to. Simply share the address that appears beneath “Public URL” and you are now ready to let people from outside your organization to launch this process for you.

An HTML code will also be generated (See image below) to embed the public form in any web page, for example, your own website or intranet. Having this functionality, you should not worry any longer about creating the form code from scratch.

Then number of Public Forms that you can activate depends on your Service Plan.

Besides, you can add your logo and customize your corporate ID in your public form (See Heading of the Public Form in HTML).

Once you have created and activated your public form, it will look similar to this:

You are now ready to let that people from outside your organization launch your process from a public URL or website.

Usefulness of Public Forms

This feature is ideal for processes involving external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, etc.) that need to be managed individually. With Public Forms you can track every document individually and differentiate their flow.

Some examples are:

Receiving complaints and suggestions

You can publish the form in your website or share it on your social networks to build a direct channel between you and your customers and track their needs.

Selection process

If your organization wants to recruit new employees, you can share the form to provide an easy way to apply. This will also facilitate the selection process, because you will not receive any more CVs via email.

Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

The customers can select the product/service they are interested in and initiate a RFQ process.

Queries that must be revised 1 to 1

A clear example of this is the insurance industry, whom must provide a form to collect queries from their clients.

Applications to academic programs

Once the public form is completed, the evaluation process begins.

Third party authentication in Public Forms

In some cases you organization may require that Public Forms could only be launched by certain users, for example by your clients. In this case, the start of the process should be allowed only for those users who have authenticated on your website.
For these cases, Flokzu has the possibility of delegating access in your own authentication system.

Pro and Premium accounts have access to a Draft for their public forms, you can check more information of the draf here.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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