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Including images, colors and HTML in a Public Form Heading

It is possible to customize the public form heading to include elements of your organization’s ID, such as your logo or colors.

To modify the visual aspect of your Heading in HTML, simply go to the “Process Settings” section.

Next, you will see a box where you can find the code of your public form heading. Enter an HTML code to customize your heading or simply modify the title between the tags ‘<h1>’ and ‘</h1>’ (See image below).

Depending on your knowledge level of HTML coding, you can edit your public form heading as much as you want to. You can even add images or texts with big formats to your form.

To insert a logo into your public form, simply copy the following code onto the abovementioned box:

<img src="[Insert the URL of your image or logo here]"/>

Make sure that the image or logo code be above the tags corresponding to the heading code, as shown below:

<img src="" />
<h1>Enter your service request for quotation- GENERAL IT SERVICES </h1>

Once you have done this, your public form will look similar to the form below:

The possibilities are endless. Try it for yourself and make your public form more attractive to your clients.

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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