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How to populate fields from a database?

You can use the information stored in your database to populate form fields.

Populate a combo box from a database

The options on a combo box (multiselect or not) can be populated from a column of a certain database.

In the pop-up you will have to select the following:

Select the database from which you want to extract the data
Select the column of the database from which you want to extract the data
You can can choose to sort the combo box options alphabetically

Filters are optional. They allow you to establish some conditions to extract only those database records that meet those conditions.

If you add more than one filter, the system will only show those records that meet all the conditions simultaneously.


The trigger is optional. If you set a trigger, you can populate other form fields automatically with the information obtained from a database. Example: Select a Supplier on a combo box and the fields corresponding to the supplier's contact details will be populated automatically.

Example: populate the email of supplier after selecting the supplier's name.

Once that we have deployed the process, this is what will happen when the users complete the form:

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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