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How to set up the 'Process Form'?

You can imagine the form as the group of fields that contains data and travels among the different members of your organization to complete the tasks of a process. This field structure (the form) allows you to gather the necessary information during all the stages of a certain process.

For example, if we wish to design a ‘Recruitment and Hiring’ process for our organization, it would be useful to add the following fields:

Name of Candidate
Surname of Candidate
Email of Candidate
Attachment with CV

These fields are simply some examples that your form should contain, but you can include as many fields as you like to run your process. Of course, when creating another process, it might have very different fields.

A form is defined only once when creating a process and you will need to set up all the fields that are necessary for your process. Although certain fields should be visible in later stages of the process, you must include them when defining your form. Afterwards, you can set up its visibility so that it is only shown in some stages and not others.

Once the process is published, the individual tasks that the users will have to complete will be conformed by the pre-set form, plus any attachment or comment that be added during the process.

Adding a new field

To add a new form field, simply drag and drop one of the available fields on the box to the right to the section “Drop new fields here”.

You can also click the button “click to add an empty row” and then drag and drop a field to the section “Drop a field here”.

Edit a new field

To edit a form field, just click on the pencil icon located at the right corner of the field. A new window will open in which you can edit the field.

You can also click on the field and, next, on “Edit field”. A new window will open in which you can edit the field.

Split/Join a row

You can design a grid structure for your form and include more than one field in a single row. To divide a row, move the pointer onto the row that you want to split and click on “Split Row”.

This will automatically create a new space where you can drag a new form field into.

You can split a row up to six times.

To join a row, simply move the pointer onto the row that you want to join and click “Join Row”. The row will be automatically joined.

Keep in mind that if you have more than two fields in the same row and you click “Join Row”, only the last field you added will place itself beneath the row.

Reorder a row/field

To reorder the rows of a form, move the pointer onto the icon of reordering rows. Then press the left click and drag the row up or down, depending on the position you want to place it.

You can also reorder your form fields horizontally. Simply drag the field that you want to reorder and drop it on the existing empty space.

Eliminate a field/row

To eliminate a field, simply move the pointer onto the field that you want to eliminate and click on the trash bin icon. Next, confirm that you want to delete the field and it will disappear from the form.

Keep in mind that if you delete a field that was currently being used in a condition, the system will show an error message and the instance won't be allowed to continue.

To eliminate a row, move the pointer onto the row that you want to eliminate and click on the trash bin icon. Next, confirm that you want to eliminate the row and it will disappear from the form.

If you eliminate a row, all the fields contained in that row will disappear.

Featured fields allow you to define certain fields and/or static text that will appear next to the reference of the process instance in your user's Inbox, searches, email notification of user comments, task assignations or notifications to complete tasks by email... Check this post to configure them!

Form Creation with ChatGPT

Flokzu has an integration with ChatGPT, a Generative Artificial Intelligence model trained to understand written conversations in a natural way and answer questions about a wide variety of topics. In Flokzu, ChatGPT will be your assistant that will help you save time in some complex tasks.

Create a new form

On the form design screen click the button:

A window will open where you can write a description of your process.

Flokzu will create a form with the fields suggested by the AI. The form will be editable and you will be able to make all the modifications you want.

Be sure to provide a clear and concise description otherwise the AI may return fields not related to the process.

Add fields to an existing form

In the form design screen click the button to open the wizard.
In the popup window type the description of the fields you want to add and check the Add fields box.

Keep in mind that if the box is not checked, all existing fields will be removed and replaced by the ones returned by the AI.

Updated on: 21/10/2023

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