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Set up a custom SMTP email server

Flokzu uses market leading email servers to send email and notifications from the tool (task assignation notification, comments, due dates, send tasks).

However, sometimes it is necessary to have a greater control over sent emails or, even better, that emails be sent from an address with the organization's own domain.

In order to do this, the SMTP module allows you to define a server for sent email that Flokzu will use to send all kinds of emails, instead of its default servers.

To set up this feature, you must navigate to Configuration > Advanced and click on Custom SMTP Email Server.

SMTP Configuration

In the SMTP settings you must, first fo all, enable the module and then enter the parameters defined in it (host, port, username, password).

After you finish the set up, you can validate the SMTP credentials by clicking on the "Test the SMTP credentials" button.

Microsoft and Google

Microsoft personal accounts (hotmail, outlook, live, etc.) and Google accounts (gmail) will be able to configure SMTP using Basic Authentication with the following:


SMTP server:
Port: 587


SMTP Server:
Port: 587

In both cases you must fill in your account credentials:

Username: Full Microsoft 365 (e.g. or google (e.g. email address.
Password The password associated with your email address.

Those users with corporate or educational Google or Microsoft 365 accounts may authenticate by selecting the specific option.


This option can be used by users with a corporate or educational account in Microsoft 365 and have SMTP enabled for the user configured in the email customization.


Users with a Google Workspace account can ask their account administrator to add the Flokzu application to their whitelist, after which you will be able to configure custom SMTP sending with the Google option.

In all cases, after completing the configuration, Flokzu will perform credentials validation when saving the configuration. This means that the module won't be enabled is the system can't verify that the host and the credentials are valid and guarantee that emails be sent correctly.

You can disable this module at anytime, starting from which emails will be sent once again from our standard servers.

Advantages of using your own server to send emails

All emails will be sent from instead of
This will allow you to have a greater control over the emails that are sent and received.
You can have more information in case emails are not sent for some reason.

Keep in mind that your SMTP provider may limit the sending of messages according to the contracted plan. Make sure you have an adequate plan for the amount of messages you plan to send and avoid blocking your account.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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