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How can I delete or finalize a process instance?

Bear in mind that only users that have the Administrator role will be able to delete a process instance.

To delete it you should go to Metrics and Reports > Real-Time > select the process > select the task, and there you'll see the list of all the documents belonging to that task. On the right you'll see several buttons:

Dustin bin icon: It deletes a document.
Circle with the white line: It finalizes an active document.
Paper airplane: It re-sends the notification of assignment to a task to the assignees to complete it.

When you delete a document, all information associated with it will be deleted.

The same thing will happen if you had set up a parallelism and you have two tasks that correspond to the same process instance, if you delete one, both will be deleted.

Updated on: 05/11/2021

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