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Attachment type field

When defining the process form, we added the possibility of including an Attachment field. Although Flokzu already offered the tab “Attachments” in each process instance that could be customized, so far it was not possible to require an attachment at a certain stage of the workflow.

By including an Attachment field type, you can attach files within the form itself (only one per field) and, like any other field, you can define the visibility or requirement at every stage of the workflow. This enables a variety of uses, such as forcing candidates to attach their Resume when applying for a position.

This is what an empty attachment field looks like in the process instance:

And this is what it looks like once an attachment has been added:

Just like in the Attachments tab, you can upload files of any type (PDF, Word, Excel, images, videos, audio, etc.).

Since there can only be one file per attachment field, if a field with an attachment is edited and a new file is uploaded, it will automatically replace the old one.

Attachment fields behave just like any other field. That means that changes in those fields won’t be tracked in the History, users can perform searches based on those fields, the visibility can be defined, etc.

Differences between attachment field and Attachments tab

Use an attachment field if:

You want to make sure the user uploads a file (by making it required).
Users must have different visibility permits over different attachments.

Use Attachments tab if:

You don’t know beforehand the amount of attachments that will be uploaded.
You want to keep track of all uploaded files (e.g. keep all versions of a document instead of replacing them).

Updated on: 24/10/2018

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