Difference between Attachments tab and attachment type field

By default, all processes have the Attachments tab enabled, although this tab can be disabled from the Process Settings. This is not the case for the attachment field, which must be added in the same way tha other fields are added to the form.

Regarding the visibility settings of the Attachments tab, the permissions over the tab are: Display, Add or Delete Attachments; these are defined on each user task in the Permissions tab.
In turn, you may define any of the usual visibility settings for the attachment field:, Hidden, Editable, Read only or Required.

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Therefore, by setting an attachment field as required, you are requiring the user to attach a file.

Regarding the number of files that can be attached, the field allows you to upload a single file, while the tab allows you to upload more than one.

Regarding the size of files in the Attachments tab, each file can have up to 30 MB. Likewise, the file you upload in the attachment field has the same limit.

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