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How do confidential fields work?

What does it mean that a field is confidential?

Confidential fields allow you to store sensitive information, which only certain users/roles of your organization will be allowed to see.

They are particularly useful when you want to restrict the content of a field to certain users/roles and keep it hidden to others in the same stage of a process.

Any field can be defined as confidential, regardless of its type.

How to set up a confidential field

In the 'Process Form' section, click on the 'Visibility Settings' button located at the right margin of the page. A new window will open in which you will see the 'Confidentiality' section.

When you click on the field you want to define as confidential, the following message will appear:

By default, no field is confidential. Once you change the option "Is this field confidential?" to Yes, you can define which users/roles will have access to the field. Users/roles not included under this section will not be able to access the field (nor its content) at any step of the process, including the final step (when the instance has been finalized).

The Administrator role will always have access to confidential fields, even though he/she may have not been explicitly added as one of the roles that can access the field.

How do confidential fields behave?

Confidentiality is combined with visibility to determine which fields will be shown to which users.

If a field is confidential and a user doesn't have access to it, when the process instance is opened the field will not appear, regardless of the visibility settings of that field.

When a user opens a process instance, for each confidential field the system will check if the user has access to the field, and, if he/she does, it will be shown or not, depending on the visibility settings of that given task.

Confidential fields:

Cannot be inserted in a Send Task message.
Cannot be used in Web Service invocations.
Cannot be used to define conditions (neither in exclusive nor inclusive gateways).
Won't appear in any sort of exports (from searches, of a process, an instance).
Cannot be used to search by their content.
Won't appear on the Inbox in the preview of a process instance.
Won't appear when creating a Zapier integration.
Can be included in Custom Reports.

Identifying a confidential field

In the process instances, the users who have access to confidential fields will see a padlock icon next to the field name.

Updated on: 24/10/2018

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