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The ‘workflow’ is associated to a business process. It defines the structure of the tasks that conform a particular process, who makes them, in which order, how they are related (in sequence or in parallel), as well as all the other aspects that will define the operation of the process.

Accordingly, each process of your organization (e.g. “Recruitment and Hiring”, “Office Supplies Request”, “Document Approval”, etc.) will have its particular workflow, which you will need to design from scratch or you can select from a templates library.

Workflow example

See below an easy example of a workflow. It contains some elements which we will explain in detail:

Start Event

User Task

Send Task

Service Task

The Free Plan does not include Service Tasks. You will need to subscribe to a payment plan in order to use them and integrate Flokzu with Web Services or apps via Zapier.


Timers are also not available for the Free Plan. You will need to subscribe to the Starter Plan or higher in order to use this feature.

Timer Start Event

See Previous note.

Exclusive Gateway

Inclusive Gateway

End Event

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