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Documentation and instructions in a User Task

In Flokzu you can add documentation to each User task of a process.

This is useful both for end users and for audit purposes. You can have your process diagram and documentation altogether.

What should I use it for?

This section allows you to, among other things, add instructions for the assignees of a given task so that they can check if there are any procedures to complete a certain field, if they have to take special care about something, and any other thing you want to communicate them.

How can I add documentation in a task?

In order to add documentation in a given task, click on the three line icon (additional options) and select Documentation. There you'll be able to add the documentation that you want.

Where can I view the documentation?

After you enter it and deploy the process, the assignees to complete the task will see an information icon located at the top right, from which they can check the documentation that has been entered.

Documentation for external participants

In Flokzu you have the possibility to add documentation so that it can be viewed by external participants. These external participants can participate in the different tasks of your process by entering a reply to the documentation you sent them (required) and by uploading an attachment (optional).

We recommend that if in any given task you have added documentation so that it can be viewed by external participants, you shouldn't add instructions for Flokzu users in the same Documentation section. This may lead to confusion between external participants and assignees to complete a task.

Can I download the documentation?

Yes. To download the documentation of a certain process, simply navigate to My Processes, then choose a certain process and then click on 'Download process information'.

An Excel spreadsheet will open containing information about the modeling and settings of the process, together with the documentation that you have added to each of the stages of the process.

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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