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Featured fields and showing specific information in your Inbox

Featured fields allow you to define certain fields and/or static text that will appear next to the reference of the process instance in your user's Inbox, searches, email notification of user comments, task assignations or notifications to complete tasks by email.

To set up featured fields, you can follow the steps shown on the following gif image:

Remember to set up the featured fields using a mustache format ('{{first field }}{{second field}}').

In the case of the Inbox, next to the reference you will see only the first 50 characters of the featured fields selected for the particular process. If there were more than 50 characters, the complete string of featured fields will be shown further below (See image).

Once the featured fields are defined, the description of the instances in the Inbox will be replaced by the information in the highlighted fields.

Bear in mind that, Title/Header, Tables, Attachments, Signatures and Rich Text Editors can't be included as featured fields.

Updated on: 07/05/2020

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