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Holidays and Workdays Management

Holidays and workdays management

Flokzu allows you to set the non-working days of your organization, so that they are not considered in timers or task's due dates.

To manage holidays and workdays go to Configuration - Advanced - Holidays and workdays management.

Only users with Administrator role can access the configuration
This configuration is enabled for Standard and Premium plans.

You will see three settings:

Workdays: weekdays that your organization works.
Fixed Holidays: These are the non-working days that repeat every year on the indicated date (typically January 1, December 25, etc ..). They are added by choosing only day and month.
Variable holidays: These are the non-working days that take place in a single year. Day, month and year must be selected.

Set workdays

You must check the boxes of the weekdays you want to set as working days, and then click on Save configuration button.

Add or modify holidays

To add a new fixed or variable holiday go to the "+" button, in the pop-up select the holiday date and then click on "Add holiday"

Keep in mind that you will not be able to have a variable holiday and a fixed holiday with the same date.

To modify, click on the holiday, a pop-up will open to select the new date or disable it. Variable holidays may be updated until the day before.

Remember that the due date is set when the instance reaches the user task or timer. This means that any change in workdays or holidays will take effect when the instances reach a new task or timer .

How does it work?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Workdays and holidays settings will take effect when selecting the Business days option in timers (interruptives, non-interruptive and intermediate) or User Task due date settings.

By selecting this option, the non-working days of your organization will not be considered for due dates calculation.

For example, let's say your organization works from Monday to Friday and you have the following holiday.

Variable holiday: 05/12/2021 (Wednesday), 05/17/2021 (Monday)
Fixed holiday: 05/19, 06/11

The user task is created on 05/11/2021. Let's see below the result for different settings:

1 business day: 05/13/2021
2 business days: 05/14/2021
7 business days: 05/25/2021

Remember that the options hours, days, months and years will not take into account workdays and holidays setting.

24 hours: 05/12/2021
1 day: 05/13/2021
3 days: 05/15/2021
1 Month: 06/11/2021
1 Year: 05/11/2022

If user task is created on 05/11/2022:

1 business day: 05/12/2022
7 business days: 05/23/2022

Actions done

By clicking on each holiday you can access the actions done over each date, and see when it was initially created and the changes it had, the date and the user who made it.


In the Flokzu JavaScript library will be able to use the following methods to get information about holidays:
Flokzu.getHolidays(): Returns the enabled holidays.
Flokzu.isHoliday(date): Returns true if date is an enabled holiday and false otherwise.

Updated on: 20/07/2021

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