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How to define a due date for tasks?

The duration of a task must be defined in the workflow modeling. It is an optional configuration and it works independently for each task (you may define different durations for each task in your flow).

To define a duration, place the pointer onto a particular task and double click on it. The task configuration window will open.

Next, go to the ‘Due Date’ tab and click on the section shown in the image below.

You may define a due date using years, months, days, hours or minutes as value. Due dates are activated from the moment the task is assigned (that is, from the moment the flow reaches the task).

You may also define a due date using ‘Days’ as value. If you do so, you may also select the exact moment when the countdown will start and which days you want to count. By default, all weekdays are taken into account.

Besides, you may count the days from the moment the task was assigned or from the moment the process was launched.

You can also choose to define a due date using an absolute date that will be taken from a field value (only if it is a Date type field). This allows the due date to be defined dynamically once the process has already been launched. To configure this, you must select ‘Absolute date’ as value and the combo at the right will show all the date type fields of your form:

Lastly, we offer you the possibility to generate automated reminders so that assignees receive an email 24 hs prior to the due date. Simply click on the box that appears in the image below and the assignees will receive automated reminders.

If you wish to know the possible uses of defining a duration, visit the following post.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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