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How to download the workflow diagram as an image?

You’ll probably want to export the workflow diagram at some point. You may want to send it to other members of your organization to get their feedback, or print it for a meeting or make notes… No matter the reason, working on the flowchart is an important part of managing your processes.

In Flokzu you can export it directly from the process configuration, in the ‘Process Workflow’ tab:

The image will be exported in .svg format

You can open it by dragging it into a browser. If you use Internet Explorer (version 9 or greater) you can save it as .jpg

Converting the image

If you’d rather save the image in another format (png, jpg, pdf …) you can use any of these online converters: (converts only to png)

Editing the image

In case you want to edit the image (make annotations, crop it, etc.) you must open the svg file using a tool that supports vectorial images (Adobe Illustrator or similar).

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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