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Previous Participants

Who is considered a previous participant?

We consider Previous participants of a process instance all those users that have interacted with the process instance (e.g. uploading a file, saving the process form, completing a task, approving a form, etc). That is, users that completed actions that can be seen in the process instance history.

Who isn't considered a previous participant?

Assignees to complete a particular task along the process and whom, for whatever reason, didn't complete any action in the process instance. Example: A task is assigned to a role with several users associated to it and one user completed the task before the others.
Users that have only made comments in a process instance.

Assigning tasks to previous participants

To assign tasks to previous participants of a process instance, simply navigate to the 'Assignees' tab of a particular task and choose the '[Previous Participants]' special user.

Usefulness of assigning tasks to previous participants

Assigning tasks to previous participants becomes really useful to guarantee that the follow up of the process is done by those users that actually participated in it. In this way, you can discriminate, for example, those users that were assigned to a role but, for whatever reason, didn't participate in the process.

Defining Previous Participants as Readers (General Readers or Readers when completed)

This special role can also be defined as Reader over a process instance to give access to it to all the users that once interacted in it.
You can set this under the 'Process Settings' tab, Readers section while making the set up of your process.

Updated on: 16/01/2019

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