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Substitutions (Out of Office)

Substitutions feature allows defining a substitute for a user in a certain period of time.

The substitute will be able to complete the tasks on behalf of the original assignee.

The original assignee will still receive the tasks assigned to him and the emails sent through Send Tasks during his inactivity period.

The substitute will receive new task assigned notification (checkbox in the Task configuration). Substitutes won’t receive the notifications configured through the Send Tasks to the original assignee.

Who can define a substitute?

Administrators, in the User Management section.
Users without an Administrator role, when the Administrator has enabled it.

Define a substitute and inactivity period for a user, having an Administrator role

Going to the User Management section, and click on the pencil to edit the user who we want to assign a new substitute.
Clicking on Add Substitute in the upper right corner.
Define the inactivity period and select who will be the substitute.

Allow each user to select its own substitute

Administrators can enable each user defines its own Out of the Office.

In Configurations - Advanced.
Allow users to define their own substitutes and inactivity periods, in the Out of Office section.
Saving the Advanced Settings.

Once the Administrator enables this option, a new Out of Office section will be added in the User menu in the upper right corner.

Clicking there will open a pop-up to define the inactivity period and the substitute.

Visualizing substitutions

Substitutions will be shown in the tab Substitutes of the substitute. In that tab, the Administrator could edit or eliminate them.

It can also be edited from the Substitutions tab of the same user for whom the substitution was defined, by clicking Edit Substitution.

How substitutions works?

Once the inactivity period is defined, it will show in the user’s information inside the User Management section.

The substitute user will see a legend in his Inbox indicating which user he is substituting and for how long.

In the Inbox, you can select whether or not you want to see the tasks that you have been assigned as a substitute, which have a label with the name of the original user assigned to the task.

Important: A User A that has been assigned as a substitute of a user B between dates X and Y, cannot be out of office during those dates.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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