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Grant permissions over processes to non-admin users/roles

Users with Administrator permission can grant permissions to a regular user (not an Administrator or Business Analyst), over a specific process.

The two kinds of permissions available are: Permissions to Edit the process and Permissions to Access the Metrics & Reports generated by that process.

You can give these permissions to either users or roles

If you give permission to edit a process to a user/role, the tab My Processes will be available in the left-side menu only for that user/role and it will contain the processes to which you have given them permission.

The same happens with the permission over Metrics & Reports. If you give this permission to any user/role, they will only see in the Metrics & Reports section the information about the process/es you have given them permission over. The users/roles will only be able to check the Metrics & Reports by process. They won’t be able to check them by User or Role.

By default, when creating a process, the Business Analyst role will have permission to edit the process and access the Metrics & Reports.

The users to which you give permission to edit a process won’t be able to access the Permission over processes section.

Updated on: 24/10/2018

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