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What is a 'role'? How many roles are there by default?

Roles are a way of grouping the users of your organization. You can use roles to group them by their position (e.g. Manager, Auditor, Sales Agent); by their location (HR, Management, Warehouse); or by any other criteria you see fit.

In particular, roles are useful for assigning tasks or sending emails to groups of users. A task can be assigned to a role, but if the role was not assigned to a user, the task will not be completed, because there are aren’t any users assigned to it.

In Flokzu there are 3 roles by default that can’t be removed: All users, Business Analyst and Administrator. To see these roles, go to the ‘User Management’ section and click on the ‘Roles’ tab.

You won’t be able to access the ‘User Management’ section if you don’t have permissions to see it. Only Business Analysts and Administrators can access this section.

Which are the characteristics of these roles?

All Users: All the users from your organization are under this role, including those that have not yet accepted the invitation to join Flokzu. This role will be updated in real time. This means that if you add or remove a new user, the role will be automatically modified. This role can’t be edited.

Business Analyst: The users under this role will have access to advanced functionalities, such as Metrics & Reports, process configuration and User Management. This will make them see additional sections in the Flokzu menu which other users won’t be able to see.

Administrator: Users which have this role will also have access to the complete menu. Besides, they will be able to assign or remove the Administrator or Business Analyst roles from another user and edit the configuration of the organization. Only Administrators can view or modify the Service Plan that the organization is subscribed to. Users under this role will have reading permission over all the process instances that have been created and will be able to reassign tasks anytime. Administrators are the only users that can remove a process instance.

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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