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Updating an instance to the lastest process version automatically

In Flokzu you have the option to update process instances to the last deployed version automatically when they're opened. This is useful when you want that the changes introduced in a process can be seen as soon as possible, to prevent users from being working on multiple versions of the same process.

Warning: This feature will be enabled automatically each time a process is created.

If, on the contrary, you don't want that process instances be updated automatically when they're opened, click on Edit process > Process Settings > Additional Settings and there you'll see the button that enables/disables the automatic update of process instances.

Keep in mind that if you disable this option, all the changes you have introduced in a process will only be visible starting from the next process instances that are launched. The changes will not be visible for ongoing instances.

Documents will always be updated?

Process instances will always try to update themselves to the last version, but sometimes this will only take place depending on the change that you want to apply.

Example: The document No. APPROV-25 is on the Review document task.
You then modify the flow and delete the Review document task >> Document No. APPROV-25 won't be able to be updated to that new flow in which the task where the document No. was located at no longer exists.

Where can I check if the document has been updated automatically or not?

This information can be checked in the process instance history.
If the document was updated to the last version, the following message will appear: Action: [Update Process Instance to last version OK] Done by SYSTEM - Date and Time
If the document wasn't updated, the following message will appear: Action: [Process instance could not be migrated] Done by SYSTEM - Date and Time

Updated on: 21/12/2018

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