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What is a process in Flokzu?

A business process is a sequence of activities, performed by people or systems, to achieve an objective of the organization.

In Flokzu, a business process is automated by configuring two main elements: the Form and the Workflow.

The Form contains fields with data relevant to a certain process. For example, in a "Purchase Request" process, the fields will be Requester Name, Items requested, etc. How to set up the 'Process Form'?

The Workflow defines the route that this form will follow. That is to say, it defines the structure of the tasks that constitute this process, who performs them, in what order, how they are related (sequentially or in parallel), as well as the other aspects that make up the operation of your organization. How to setup the process 'workflow'? Basic elements

Each business process of the organization (for example, "Purchase Request", etc.) will have its own process in Flokzu. And each process will have its form with its specific fields, as well as its workflow with the activities that compose it.

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Updated on: 08/08/2023

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