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How can I remove a role?

To remove a role, just go to the “User Management” section on the side menu and then to the “Roles” tab. Next, click on the trash bin icon at the right of the role you want to remove. Confirm your decision and the role will be removed from your account.

What happens if I remove a role from my account?

Once you remove a role, it will appear no longer in the Custom Reports, neither in Historical Data nor in Real Time metrics. Instead of the role name, the following tag will appear: [Role not found].

If the role you removed was the only actor assigned to a particular task, the task will not be able to be completed any longer. For this reason, make sure that all the tasks you previously assigned to that role have already been completed or re-assign them before you remove the role.

If you create a new role by using the same name than the one you removed, the system will treat it as a new role. No users or tasks previously assigned to such role will be recovered.

Since you have removed the role from your account, the notification tasks that were assigned to that role will no longer take place. Re-assign the tasks to other users or to a different role to ensure the correct operation of the process.

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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